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Revealing the Legendary Roots of Kraken Rum

The market of alcoholic beverages is saturated with several brands. Still, Kraken Rum has gained prominence as a bold and unique spirit. It has drawn the attention of many rum enthusiasts with its spicy and rich flavours. Inspired by the mythical aquatic creature (Kraken), the brand has chosen the rum name. Kraken is a mysterious and powerful creature; the brand has also captured the essence of this creature.

The legendary story of Kraken Rum

From the Greek myth to Norse beliefs, the Kraken’s tale raises fear in man’s mind. Some people are sceptical about the existence of Krakens. But, the presence of the Kraken is found in different mythological tales.

Kraken is a rum imported from the Caribbean region. It has a blend of 13 amazing spices. Like the mythical beast, the rum is black and bold. 

There is a story of a vessel carrying a vast amount of black spiced rum from Caribbean islands. However, for some unknown reasons, it did not arrive at the destination. Although there are various views about the lost ship, it is believed that Kraken attacked the vessel.

Know more about the Kraken Rum – Flavour and production methods

Kraken is an inky-coloured, dark ink with a quite robust flavour profile. The rum maker is committed to maintaining its quality. While maintaining the tradition, the company wants to craft rum innovatively.

Kraken Rum is not simply a spirit; the brand has developed a strong identity in the alcohol market. It has satisfied both connoisseurs and casual drinkers. Each bottle of the drink reflects the creativity and passion of the rum maker. The natural sweetness comes from molasses obtained from sugarcanes in the local regions. There are still some mysteries about the origin of the rums.

Molasses undergo fermentation with a time-tested method that allows the development of unique flavours. The distillation process differentiates Kraken from other rums. The distilled rum retains its distinctive character. So, you will enjoy the full-bodied richness while drinking the Kraken rum. Premium-quality spiced Kraken rum undergoes an ageing process and achieves maturity in oak barrels to have a dark colour and deep flavour.

Kraken has maintained a balance of sweetness and spicy flavours. While molasses adds sweetness, cloves, ginger, and other spices give a spicy kick. These spice notes will tantalise your taste buds long after sipping the drink. You will also experience notes of vanilla in the drink.

Variations of Kraken Rum

Although Black Kraken Rum is highly popular, there are other variations. For instance, you can try out Kraken White Rum, which comes with unique characteristics to match your preferences. The alcohol content in the spiced rum is around 40% ABV, which is found in most spirits. The company also released Kraken & Cola, the pre-mixed flavours for rum enthusiasts.

Although the Kraken Rum does not have the destructive potential of the mythical creature, it has a mystique. The dark depths of Kraken are alluring. It invites you to the world of exclusive flavour.

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